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In the period of Christians in Kuşadası, there were three main entrance gates in the form of a square. These fortress gates were covered with 5 millimeters thick hairs, which were riveted on very thick planks. The current castle gate is the last of the three fortress doors. According to the belief, those who pass under this door can never leave Kuşadası and become Kuşadalı. The increase of the population in recent years strengthens this belief.

Kurşunlu Monastery

Kurşunlu Monastery is located on a hill behind Davutlar at a height of approximately 600 m above sea level. It is estimated that the monastery in the region exposed to intense Christian migration in the 8th century was Byzantine structure. The cafeteria, the kitchen, the cellar, the monk rooms, the infirmary, the chapel, the cemetery, the walls, the fortification vault and the defense rooms are quite impressive. The frescoes on the ceiling of the chapel show symbolic and geometric motifs and religious events and people.


In very ancient times, drinking water from Ephesus was carried with water belts from Kusadasi. Kinkirdos water coming from Değirmendere reached to Ephesus, over a distance of 45 km, along the straits and slopes. During the period of Ottomans, Öküz Mehmed Pasha built aqueducts to take water from Burgas to Kuşadası, and today most of these arches are still standing.


12 Panionion, which is the center of the semi-religious, semi-political Panionion Union formed by 12 Ionian cities, is located within the borders of Güzelçamlı. The Panionion, founded after the invasion of the Persian Empire by Anatolia, was a center where meetings and ceremonies were held. B.C. In the 8th century, it was said that the Ion Temple, which held festivals, plays and religious rites dedicated to Poseidon, was also the scene of grand festivals during the time of Alexander the Great.




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