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Due to it’s location, Ephesus developed to be the most important political and trade center of her era and effectively the capital of Asia during the Roma Era.

However, Ephesus does not owe it’s importance in the ancient era solely to being a big trade center and location. The biggest temple dedicated to Artemis culture, which is based on Anatolia’s mother goddess ( Kybele ) is located in Ephesus. This temple is considered as one of The World’s Seven Wonders. Because the temple was destroyed and rebuilt many times throughout it’s histosy, it’s ruins are spread over a large area of 8 square kilometers.

Important Buildings In The Ancient City Of Efes

Çukuriçi Mound

Located at the southwest of Magnesia gate. Acording to the findings, prehistoric settlements from 4000 BC were unearthed here.

Ayasuluk Hill Excavations

Are being carried out on the southeastern slopes of the castle. According to findings, it also dates back to 3500 BC. Because Ephesus Museum mainly exhibits the arfifacts of an ancient city, instead of a chronological or typological exhibition, the museum exhibits based on the location of their discovery.

Hence the halls have been organized as Terrace House & Home Artifacts Hall, Coin and the Treasury Department, Grave Artifacts Hall, Ephesus Artemis Hall, Empire Cults Hall. In addition to these halls, various architectural & sculpture artifacts are exhibited in the inner and middle gardens of museum in a sympathetic environment.

Several large Artemis sculpturesi the head of Eros, statuette of Eros with dolphin and the head of Socrates are some of the most well known and famous artifacts in the Ephesus Museum.

There are approximately 50.000 artifacts in the museum’s collections. This figures increases annually with new artifacts being unearthed from the archaeological excavations and donations by local people. With the idea of presenting these artifacts to the World of science & humanity in a short time, a ‘ New Finds Hall ‘ has been created in Ephesus Museum.




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