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The Nesin Maths Village is a village you have to visit when you are in or near Kusadasi. It is situated in Sirince and is very easy to reach from Kusadasi. Take a at least a half day to experience this interesting village.

The Nesin Maths Village has been founded by the mathematician Ali Nesin, the son of the famous Turkish writer Aziz Nesin. The most interesting feature about this village is that there are no admission requirements, no tests to be taken after the classes and no certifications. Instead, there are many fun and interesting events during the year, and they are not only about Maths. The beautiful location and these events draw many science loving visitors to the village.

Nesin Maths Village is open to all students from elementary school to university, graduate, and even post graduate school. Every year, the village is open for summer schools. The teachers and students stay in nice stone houses. There is an impressive view over the mountains. In short, everyone who loves mathematics and science or is just curious and wants to learn more about maths or other subjest in a different way, is welcome to this village.

Nesin Maths Village continues its activities with the help of donors and volunteers. TUBITAK, which is an important supporter of volunteer work in Turkey, unfortunately does not support the village. The village, which has been existing since 2007, has been established with donations, and support from young volunteers and collective cooperation teams. Volunteers from Turkey and many other parts of the world come to teach here.

Where is Nesin Maths Village?

Nesin Maths Village is located on the slopes of Mount Kayser, one kilometer away from Sirince. This places makes you feel like you have escaped from all negative conditions and arrived in a science sanctuary. Indeed this place is a very special, where it’s made possible to learn about maths in a creative way. It may be difficult to find a similar environment in Turkey.

Another interesting fact about this village is that when it was built, it was made sure that not one tree or plant was damaged. In fact, since the founding of the village, there have been over 4000 new trees and other vegetation planted.

Nesin Maths Village has 15 wards with 161 beds. On top of that, there are 55 houses with 108 beds for the teachers and employees. There are 2 indoor and 5 open air classrooms, a conference hall for 200 people and a library with 7000 books. At the library, there are of course books about maths but also art and philosophy. Students can stay in a tent during the summer months, if they prefer.

The Nesin Maths Village is a great place for students to socialize, to learn to cooperate and learn the value of working together as a team. There are scholarships available for students who don’t have the means to come to this village. The village is open to visitors every day, except during the bank holidays. You can plan a one day visit to see the village, or if you like, you can stay a week.

As you may have concluded, Kusadasi is not a holiday destination just for sun and sea. That’s why Kusadasi is worth visiting during all seasons of the year.




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