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1st International Efes Opera and Ballet Festival

The 1st International Efes Opera and Ballet Festival ended with the Carmina Burana Ballet. On the last day of the festival, Ephesus Antique City experienced one of its historical days. Tens of thousands of art lovers flocked to the stage for a standing ovation. This year, the first show of the International Efes Opera and Ballet Festival, which is the last show of the Carmina Burana Ballet to watch the thousands of people who want to watch art flocked to the ancient city Ephesus hours before the show. Dr. Selcuk Mayor made a statement after the standing acclaimed show. Dahi Zeynel Bakıcı Stating that the International Efes Opera and Ballet Festival brought a new breath to Seljuk's culture and art life. Un We always say that Selçuk's vision is based on culture and art. This festival proves this. It really suits Selçuk. In order to realize such an important festival in the ancient city of Ephesus, Mr. Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, our Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Murat Karahan, our State Opera and Ballet Director, Mr. Aytül Büyüksaraç, İzmir State Opera and Ballet Director Haldun Özörten and his ballet director, I would like to thank all the artists who contributed to these works on behalf of Selçuk. President Bakıcı heralded in the following days that such art activities will occur more often in Selcuk.

The first event was Zorba Ballet, performed by the Turkish Tenor Murat Karahan, the Spanish Soprano Carmen Solis, the Russian Mezzosoprano Yulia Mazurova and the Turkish Bas-baritone Burak Bilgili.




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