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Kuşadası Municipality and Kuşadası Caferli Beautification and Solidarity Association organized by the "3rd Caferli Fall and Environment Festival" ended. Kuşadası showed great interest in the ceremony where documentary performances, folk dances and stand-up performances took place in the Caferli Square.
Kuşadası Environment Platform, Kusadasi F. Özel Arabul Cultural Center, Kusadasi Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans, Söke Municipality and Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce sponsored a two-day ceremony with a large number of citizens along with Kuşadası District Governor Muammer Aksoy, Kusadasi Mayor Özer Kayalı, Former Minister of Tourism Bahattin Yücel, Kuşadası Gendarmerie Commander Murat Şahin, Deputy Mayor of Kuşadası Ayse Şerifoğlu, Muzaffer Eryiğit, Tufan Asrav, Members of Municipal Assembly and representatives of non-governmental organizations attended.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Kusadasi Mayor Özer Kayalı stated that they would continue to contribute to all kinds of activities related to the protection of the environment by thanking Kusadasi Caferli Beautification and Solidarity Association, who had spent a great effort in the arrangement of the 3rd Caferli Fall and Environment Festival.

Speaking after Kayali, Kaymakam Aksoy thanked everyone who contributed to the organization of the festival by stating that they are working for a clean environment in the process of the five-year Kuşadası Governorship.

Tourism is former Minister Yücel 3.Caferl speech Fall and Environment Festival in Turkey said the event grooves to bring the voice of public Kusadasi Kusadasi Caferli with the City Beautification and Solidarity Association has stated that serious work in a clean environment.

The concerts of Suna Yıldızoğlu, Yasemin Çandır and Ekrem Ataer attracted a lot of attention from the participants, while folk dance groups performing in the festival, African acrobats, Süheyl Uygur and Yüksel Ünal displayed stand-ups in colorful shows. Also in the festival are the famous movie artists Erkan Kesal 'ın "After Nuts", Cenk Behram Su "Jes Yoliyoz" and Yavuz Pullukçu's "Latmos" named environment-oriented films. Ahter Kutadgu, Ece Ataer, Ekrem Ataer, Ahmet Zeki Muslu, Hasan Cüneyt Bozkurt and Zehra Ünüvar met with their readers.

In the festival, the prize was awarded to the graduates of the "Clean Kuşadası" contest for primary school children organized by F. Özel Arabul Cultural Center in Kuşadası.




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