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Kuşadası Municipality organized with the theme of muhteşem Abundance, Health, Peace! Kusadasi Olive Festival ended with a magnificent final. For two days, Hazal Amani and Somer Sivrioğlu welcomed the star names of the gastronomic world.

Kuşadası Olive Festival, which continues with a full program on Sunday, November 4, was followed with appreciation of the traditional Cretan cuisine of the chef Stavros Koustenis who attended the event as a guest from Greece. In the interview titled Yaz In the memory of Tuğrul Şavkay on the Trail of Zeytini esi Osman Kitchen, Vice President of Turkish Coffee Research and Culture Association, Osman Serim, Journalist and Former Culinary Friends Association President Ahmet Örs, Journalist and Diarist Hülya Ekşigil, Journalist and Writer Deniz Like Alphan, the press and gastronomy world met with the visitors of the festival. Kuşadası Mayor Özer Kayalı, who hosted the festival, presented his appreciation plaques to Değirmen Eko Yatırım AŞ. ”How the Aegean Olives Become a World Brand? Etkin was conducted by Gürsel Tonbul and the journalist and food researcher Nedim Atilla. The gerçekleştir Creative Olive and Olive Oil Competition with Students N was another interesting event of the festival.

Kuşadası Olive Festival ended with a magnificent concert in Caravanserai. Famous composer and pianist Evrim Demirel and the Kuşadası Municipality Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Şef Hakkı Öztürk gave a standing ovation to art lovers who filled the caravanserai.

Organized within the scope of the Kuşadası Olive Festival, the Chamber Orchestra was a principle scene in the field of music. It was written on a tombstone by Seikilos of Tralles in the ancient city of Tralles near Aydın; 2000 year old ler Seikilos Epitaph Oda, one of the oldest music examples of the world, met with art lovers at the concert of Kuşadası Municipality Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Chief Hakki Ozturk with the interpretation made by famous composer and pianist Evrim Demirel. Elif İnce's vocal, Murat Nail in the wind instruments, Türker Çolak on the percussion instrument, the concert was performed by a number of Kuşadalı art lovers together with Kuşadası Mayor Özer Kayalı, his wife Nil Kayalı, Deputy Mayor Ayşe Şeirfoğlu and Municipal Assembly Members attended the concert. .

At the closing concert of the Kuşadası Olive Festival, Istanbul University State Conservatory Music Department, Department of Jazz Major and Ahmet Ümit's Kon Ninattauvs Bracelet ış composed his opera as the opera. Dr. Evolution, a project implementation under the leadership of Demirel, "Anatolia's Ancient Voices" along with along with the famous American composer Colin o'donohoe'n which reflects their feelings about Kusadasi and Turkey, Sketches Of Turkey is work was performed as a world premiere.

At the end of the concert, the Mayor of Kusadasi, Özer Kayalı said, thanking all the organizations and individuals who contributed to the Kuşadası Olive Festival, the first one, and that the closing was great.


Kuşadası Olive Festival, which took place in the historical atmosphere of Kervansaray for two days, included Hazer Amani, Somer Sivrioğlu, Aylin Yazıcıoğlu, one of the most important chefs of Turkish and Greek cuisine, Maria Ekmekçioğlu, dietitian and nutritionist Dilara Koçak, guest chefs from Greece Tolis Anastasios and Stavros He hosted famous conductors and opinion leaders of gastronomy, including Koustenis. The events that the participants emphasized that olives and gastronomy were an integral whole attracted great attention.

Kuşadası is expected to make a positive contribution to the tourism of Kuşadası, which will enable the brand to become a destination with thousands of years of heritage in addition to the natural beauties it has, as well as olive.




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