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Event organizers Kuşadası Governorate, Kuşadası District National Education Directorate, TURSAB, ATRO and KODER business association with kindergarten students by arranging Camlık Train Museum tour gave the opportunity to see the first train museum of Europe established as a private property in Kuşadası.

The purpose of the trip organized within the scope of the Tourism Week is to make sure that students learn what is important to be observed on touristic trips and what are the rules of travel that should be applied.

About Çamlık Train Museum

There are 30 different locomotives on the first train museum in Europe, built on a 160-acre plot with nostalgic trains of 600 people. Among these are Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s white train used to come to the village of Çamlık in 1936, and the wagon with his bed. It is possible to see photographs taken by Ataturk during his journey and the wagon he uses in the museum.

There are 30 steam locomotives built by German, British, French, American, Swedish and Czechoslovak and only 2 locally produced locomotives working with wood, 4 cranes, water pumps, motor tanks, 1 open and 1 closed passenger wagon, , a repair workshop, a toilet dating from 1850 and a 900 meter long old tunnel with you can find the most unique tools of history in Çamlık Train Museum.

The biggest reason for the museum to be established in this region, Turkey’s first railroads (1866-1976) Aydın Having been in Izmir.

During the tourism week, the students, the historical structure and natural beauty of the museum that hosts thousands of people each year, experienced the experience of being one of the pride of Kuşadası, the place where they lived.




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